The H.G. Wells Society

Aims and Functions of the Society

The H.G. Wells Society was founded in 1960. It has an international membership, and aims to promote a widespread interest in the life, work and thought of Herbert George Wells (see "Statement of Objects"). It publishes an annual journal, The Wellsian, and issues a biannual newsletter. It has published a comprehensive bibliography of Wells's published works, and other publications, including a number of works by Wells which have been out of print for many years.

Here is a list of H.G. Wells works currently in print (updated through February 2005), an important note on Wells and Copyright, and a full bibliography.

The Society organises a weekend conference each year when aspects of Wells's life and work are discussed in a congenial atmosphere. Topics discussed in recent years have included

  • The Short Stories of H.G. Wells
  • Publishing and Publicising Wells
  • Wells's Literary Friendships
  • The War of the Worlds (The proceedings of this conference appear in Foundation 77)
  • Wells and his Critics

In addition, the Society has organised two major international conferences. The first, under the title, H.G. Wells under Revision, was held in 1986 to mark the 40th anniversary of Wells's death; the second, The Time Machine: Past, Present and Future was held in 1995 to mark the centenary of the publication of Wells's first scientific romance.


The subscription rate is currently £20 a year (individuals and couples, UK/EU) or £24 (rest of the world); institutional members, £25; retired, unwaged and full-time students, £13 (UK/EU) or £16 (rest of the world). For more information on joining the society, follow this subscription link.

Please note, subscription prices rise on 1 Sept. 2014. See above link for details.

Subscription and other society information is available through:
Eric Fitch
20 Upper Field Close
Please address publicity enquiries to the society's Publicity Officer, Dr Emelyne Godfrey.

A Note on Submissions for the Newsletter:

Short articles for consideration, as well as, comments, queries and observations, are welcome via post in the first instance if you do not have access to e-mail. However, in order to produce the Newsletter electronically it is important that submissions, if accepted, are word processed and emailed to me in MS Word, to

Post: Dr Maxim Shadurski
English Literature
David Hume Tower
George Square


  • Click Here for Information and Registration Form for the 2014 Society Conference: When the Lamps Went Out: H. G. Wells and his World on the Eve of the War
  • Audrey Niffenegger delivers inaugural PEN/H.G. Wells lecture
    Friday 15 August, 6pm- 7pm
    72nd World Science Fiction Convention, Loncon3
    ExCel, Docklands, London

    Bestselling writer and artist Audrey Niffenegger (author of ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’) will deliver the inaugural PEN/H.G. Wells lecture at Loncon3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention. The lecture will be the first in a series of annual lectures held in honour of former PEN President, H.G. Wells to showcase visionary writing and new thinking that embodies the spirit of his pioneering writing and activism.

    100 tickets at £9 will be available to the public to attend the lecture.

    More information: HERE

  • Emelyne Godfrey's new book, Femininity, Crime and Self-Defence in Victorian Literature and Society: From Dagger-Fans to Suffragettes, features Wells's sensational novel, Ann Veronica (1909), as a major theme. Masculinity, Crime, and Self Defence in Victorian Literature: Duelling with Danger appeared in paperback form in March 2013.
  • Elizabeth Crawford's website mentions her piece, The Woman’s Bond of Freedom: H.G. Wells, Ann Veronica and the Suffragettes, which was published in the Ann Veronica Special Edition of The Wellsian.